Sunday, January 23, 2011

Qubies ~ Mumma's best friend in the kitchen!

We have recently enjoyed (?) the experience of moving house... again.  This time we moved with two little ones in tow, a new adventure for us all!  I think everyone coped fairly well, aside from the extra kilo's piled on from all the junk food.  One of the bummers about moving is all the junk food you eat.  We had take away every night for a week while the pots and pans remained hidden in boxes and the rest of the house resembled more of a recycling depot than a home!  EEK!  Thankfully that is all rectified now, and we have once again enjoyed home cooking!

Our first mail to arrive at the new house was from Alexandra from who very generously sent me out a new Qubie to try.  This amazing mum-trepreneur has developed a unique way to freeze and store baby food!

It really is just so easy to use... pour the food into the tray, making sure you only fill to the max line.  Pop on the flexible lid and its ready to go.  It's actually the lid that portions the food into 30ml sections.  Into the freezer it goes and once it's frozen, a simple twist of the base and the little squares are out and ready to be stored.  I put mine into freezer bags labelled with what's inside.  And really the possibilities of what you can store is endless... I've managed to freeze stewed prunes, which are perfect for when you just need a little bit of prunes to keep the baby 'regular'.  Also mashed sweet potato is a favourite for our LadyBug so it's great to have some of that on hand too.  Going to have a go at making some fruit puree next, maybe some mango, apple and banana?

A few nights ago I made a honey chicken & veg dish with rice for our dinner.  LadyBug got to have some plain chicken and rice all pureed together (yum?) and thanks to the Qubie I had some mixed veg in the freezer to add to it.  Went down a treat, and taste a whole lot nicer than some of the processed foods you can buy.

Thanks Alex for your great product!  Makes me feel good knowing that my LadyBug has lovely homemade food to munch on in the midst of a crazy and chaotic move.


  1. that's a really interesting idea! Ash doesn't like my homemade food! It's raffertys or nothing for that little stinker. That's what I get for cheating!

  2. I've never seen anything like it! Awesome!

    Our little Miss loves her veggies, there are no left overs in our house when she's around!!

    Glad the move went well too :]



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